Predator Free Taupo launched in June 2017 alongside Greening Taupo under the Project Tongariro umbrella. Greening Taupo is engaged in restoration planting between the predator free Wairakei Golf Course, Taupo town and Mt Tauhara. Our website shares information and facilitates contact for people with an interest in pest control in the greater Taupo area. Our members range from people with single traps in their backyards, to members of large established projects such as those operating at Kinloch, Waipahihi, Pukawa, and many more locations around the lake. We will also apply for and distribute funds on behalf of the group.

If you wish to become involved in trapping then check out our projects. If you wish to start a new project then let us know.

Use the join button to sign up. This is a community site and will only succeed with community support. Once your membership is activated remember to stay logged in. You will only see part of the website and will not be able to contribute to the site without being logged in. Please contribute to the "Birds we have photographed" by emailing us your bird photos, with a locality, and we will share them on the montage.

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As part of our health and safety policy we require regular volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Health and Safety Registration Form

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