Predator Free Acacia Bay
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On July 31st, 2017 Acacia Bay was accepted as a new Kiwibank predator free community. Kiwibank has provided funding for the program and it was launched on October 7th 2017, when forty traps were distributed into the community.

As of October 2018, the Acacia Bay community has over 90 traps in their backyards which is fantastic, but we are not doing very well in recording what has been caught in these traps. We hope to change this and offer more assistance and encouragement to all in the Acacia Bay area with support from Genelle a local Acacia bay resident who has offered to become the local champion.
Also, in October a trap line consisting of 21 DOC 200s were installed along the Rangatira Trap walkway, a stunning short walk through native bush alongside the lake. Predator Free Taupō were able to purchase some of these traps from a generous donation from Peter and Vanda Marshall, two were donated from Peter Stearn, and the Department of Conservation donated the remaining traps required to complete the line.

Lisa Crabb from Taupō Kayaking Adventures is the champion for the Rangatira Point Trapping line. Lisa is keen to engage her staff in servicing the traps weekly but is open to anyone else competent in the use of DOC 200s in supporting her team.

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Predator Free Acacia Bay Launch
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Saturday, October 7 2017 1:00 PM

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