Opepe DoC Reserve
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The Opepe DoC reserve is about 15km east of Taupo on SH5. The trapping program is a joint project with PFT, DoC and Forest and Bird and started October 2017 with the placement of 36 DOC 200 traps. Further development is anticipated.


Trappers Gear List

  • Gardening gloves with no holes.
  • Square-nosed screw driver.
  • Hand sanitizer

Before you go

  • Check the weather the night before your planned visit. 
  • Workers will always have at least one other person with them.
  • Ensure your buddy is available to go with you.

At Opepe

  • Park as close as possible to the grassy slope.  Lock your car, leave valuables at home or take them with you.
  • Keep with your buddy as you go around the track.
  • Go around the trap line in order, starting at either N1 or S1 traps.
  • Check each trap for a catch and that the egg is in place.
  • Before clearing a trap, record the catch on paper or with your mobile phone camera.
  • Throw the catch into the bush.
  • Reset the trap; guide and support your buddy at this stage to avoid injuries.
  • Screw the trap box lid down again and check the lid has caught before moving to next trap.
  • Use your hand sanitizer after you take off your gloves and return home.
  • Be aware of personal security. Check out these resources - Keeping Save and Handling Diffucult People.

On Return

  • Complete roster to show when traps checked.
  • Record your catches or give your data to someone who is registered on the Predator Free Taupo site.

The roster below is for use of the volunteers working on the Opepe project. Data must only be entered into empty fields please.

Opepe Roster - Click Here 

Opepe session setting up A12's with Andrew Buchanan
This event has ended.
Saturday, March 17 2018 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Trapline Set-up Working Bee
This event has ended.
Thursday, October 19 2017 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
There will be a team meeting/social get together Wednesday March 7th, 5.30pm at Plateau Bar, 64 Tuwharetoa St.
Discuss the roster/trap checks/bait policy, health and safety, expanding the program and the how the website is going.

Trap Library

Traps are now available from our Trap Library.


Click Here

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